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NOxBOXi INO delivery system

Intelligent Nitric Oxide Delivery and Monitoring System

What is it?

Inhaled nitric oxide requires patient monitoring and management to help avoid patient complications due to toxic levels of nitrogen dioxide and rebound pulmonary hypertension associated with weaning from inhaled nitric oxide.

The NOxBOXi® system delivers and monitors Nitric Oxide (NO) for use in inhaled nitric oxide therapy both in continuous and synchronous Nitric Oxide delivery modes.

The system has a step by step, guided interface to enable ease of use. The NOxBOXi® system is designed primarily for use in hospitals with a portable, detachable monitor to provide continuous treatment for transit and transfer conditions.

Permanently affixed to the NOxBOXi® system, the NOxMixer™ system is intended to deliver a continuous flow of Nitric Oxide (NO), mixed in line with Oxygen (O2) for emergency applications and to manually bag a patient.

Main specification

Measuring gases
Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Oxygen (O2)
NO delivery range
0 - 80 ppm
Delivery mode
synchronous or continuous
Sample line flow rate
Approx. 225 ml/min
Detection principle
Sealed electrochemical sensor
Full colour touch screen LCD
Audible and visible
Head unit dimensions
108 (D) x 330 (W) x 250 (H) mm3
Specifications subject to change. U.K. / EU specifications shown. Product may not be authorized for sale in other jurisdictions.

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