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The NOxBOX range provides a comprehensive means of safely and accurately delivering and monitoring nitric oxide (NO).
This is delivered to patients undergoing INO Therapy for the treatment of conditions such as hypoxeamia and pulmonary hypertension in adults and neonates.
A range of non-invasive Nitric Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) measurement and delivery system monitors that provide accurate, real-time monitoring to ensure the correct dosages and to reduce side-effects of inhaled nitric oxide (INO) therapy. The NOxBOX range includes the NOxBOXO2 to measure O2levels and the NOxBOX Mobile, a self contained unit for mobile use and most recently the NOxBOXi.
INO therapy can aid in the treatment of patients with severe breathing difficulties including young babies, children and adults with high pulmonary arterial pressure - a rare type of high blood pressure in the arteries between the heart and the lungs.
Large, easy to read colour touch screens for ease of use Quick set-up time Audio and visual warning systems Portable, detachable head for patient transit and transfer situations.
Fast and accurate delivery of INO therapy with no invasive testing.
Can be used on a wide range of patients, from neonatal to post-operative adults. Product range including NOxBOXO2, incorporating O2 delivery and monitoring, and NOxBOX Mobile for increased portability.

Simple inhaled nitric oxide (INO) delivery system for transport

The flagship of accurate, real-time Monitoring of not only NO and NO2 but also Oxygen

Intelligent nitric oxide (INO) delivery system

Complete NO delivery and monitoring system

Find out about the free software

INO Therapy
NOxCHART™ is a FREE software programme for Microsoft Windows, for use with NOxBOXi and NOxBOXO2 inhaled nitric oxide (INO) monitors that allows users to produce reports and graph representations of the Nitric Oxide dose delivered to a patient. Including the Diagnostic Download Tool allowing the downloaded log files from NOxBOXi to be imported and interpreted so that issues can be spotted within the log file. Data includes alarm history, a table for NO, NO2, O2, pump reading, cylinder pressure and battery status. This section of the software is for use with NOxBOXi only.

The NOxCHART™ Live Test Tool allows live test data can be collected from NOxBOXO2 during administration to a patient. This can then be kept for patient records. This section of the software works only with NOxBOXO2.

Service details of calibrations can be logged so that all of the data is kept in one location. The service section can be used for both NOxBOXO2 & NOxBOXi.